Magic Trick: The Walking Coin

Simple as this little trick seems it is very deceptive. Attached to the lower button of his vest the performer has a hair or, if at some distance from his audience, a piece of fine black sewing silk. At the other end of this hair or thread is a little pellet of wax, which is stuck to another button of his vest. Asking for a small coin, a dime or a cent, the performer secretly gets hold of the wax and sticks it on the coin. Then he takes a tumbler or goblet in his left hand and drops the coin into it. Shaking the glass and at the same time extending his arm, he causes the coin gradually to creep higher and higher in the glass until it reaches the fingers of the right hand held out for it. The wax is quietly removed and the coin is returned to its owner. By taking care to shake the glass continually, the modus operandi of the trick will be completely concealed.

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