Magic Trick: The Card Palm

By means of this sleight the performer is enabled to steal a card or cards from the pack without fear of detection and without even touching the pack with the right hand.

The pack is held in the left hand with the cards that are to be palmed lying on top. The thumb and third finger keep these cards in place and the little finger is under them. As the right hand approaches the left and is about three or four inches from it, the little finger pushes the cards up toward the right hand, the thumb and third finger relax their pressure, and the cards spring or shoot into the palm of the right hand, where they are retained by partly closing the hand. At the very moment the cards are palmed the left hand moves away slowly. This move which is known as "the spring palm" is absolutely imperceptible.

Should the performer wish to hand the pack to one of the audience with the right hand, in which the card is palmed, he places the left hand little finger under the card or cards that are to be palmed. The right hand grasps the pack between the thumb and the second finger, as if to make the "pass." The cards that are to be palmed are pushed by the left hand little finger into the right palm. Then the wrist of the left hand is turned outward, while the right hand grasping the pack at the left hand upper corner between the thumb and first finger hands it to the one who waits for it, as in Figs. 13 and 14.

Fig. 13

Fig. 14

Fig. 15

Fig. 16

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