Magic Trick: To tear a pack of cards in two

While frequently presented as a feat of strength—and it does require some strength—there is a little secret connected with it that enables the conjurer to do what most athletes can not. The illustration, Fig. 80, shows how to hold the pack, and if this is studied and our directions are strictly followed, we believe that most of our readers will be enabled to include this in their programme. Hold the pack so that one end lies in the palm of the left hand with the two upper joints of the fingers grasping the end, and the right hand holds the other end in the same way. In this position the second-joint knuckles of one hand rests on the wrist of the other. The heavy muscles at the base of the thumb are opposite each other. With the pack held in this way the hands twist in opposite directions. Bracing the left hand against the upper part of the leg is of considerable help. A cheap "Steamboat" card tears more easily than a better card. As a conclusion, the halves may be torn in quarters.

Fig. 80

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