Magic Trick: Rising Cards Variation

A pack of cards after being shuffled is divided in two parts by one of the audience who is requested to choose one packet. From this three cards are selected and shuffled into the packet. This is now placed in a goblet, when the selected cards will rise one by one from the glass, on command.

The better to understand this, let us suppose that the cards to rise from one packet are three aces and from the other, three Kings. At the start these cards lie on top of the pack, first the three Aces and on top of these the three Kings. A false shuffle is made without disturbing the six top cards, and after the shuffle the three Kings are passed to the bottom: The pack is now cut in two by some one who selects one part. Taking the chosen packet, the performer makes the "pass" and brings the three Aces or the three Kings, according to which packet is chosen, to the middle and forces them on three different persons. After the cards are noted they are shuffled in the packet to be afterward placed in the goblet.

Before they are placed in the goblet, however, a threaded packet containing duplicates of the forced cards is added; this is lying face down on the table, concealed by a handkerchief, which is used to wipe the goblet, while the packet is placed on the prepared cards. To insure that the Aces or the Kings as may be desired, will rise the cards are threaded as hereinafter described. Looking at the illustration, Fig. 79, let us suppose that A, B, and C represent the Aces, and D, E, F, the Kings, and the dotted line the thread. If the Aces are to rise, the half-pack of cards are to be placed directly on D, the thread being pushed aside and going over the half-pack, and in this way is placed in the goblet, with A, B, and C uppermost. If, on the other hand, the Kings are to rise the half-pack is placed on D, but the thread is kept between the threaded cards and the half-pack, and the packet is reversed when stood in the glass, D, E, F, being uppermost. As explained elsewhere, a concealed assistant pulls the thread to make the cards come up. In order that the cards may not become disarranged and also to insure that the cards rise straight a notch should be cut in the bottom of each card, as shown in the De Kolta Rising Cards.

Fig. 79

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