Magic Trick: The Reunion

The performer forces the Queen of hearts on some lady in the audience. When it is returned the pack is shuffled and a rubber band is put around it lengthwise. It is then momentarily placed aside while the performer explains the situation. "I noticed," he says "that in replacing the Queen of hearts, which was drawn, the lady took no pains to put her side by side with the King. That is wrong. They should be together, and we must try to remedy the wrong."

He turns now to get the pack, but instead of taking the one just used he substitutes for it a prepared pack. From this the King and Queen of hearts have been removed, after which a fine, small rubber band is placed, lengthwise, about the pack. The pack is then stood on one end on a table, opened in the middle, bookwise, and laid flat as shown in Fig. 78. The King and Queen are now laid, faces down, over the rubber band, and the part with the faces upward is folded over. Two or three cards are placed top and bottom of the pack and another rubber band is put around it, lengthwise, to keep the cards in place. Turning to his audience with this pack, he says, "Let us hope that their exalted highnesses have met. Will your Majesties kindly make your appearance?" Removing the outside rubber band, but holding the pack tightly pressed together, the performer slightly relaxes his hold, when the two cards will rise slowly from the pack. "Ah, that is well," exclaims the conjurer. "And now for a trip in an aeroplane," saying which he relaxes the pressure entirely when the two cards will go soaring into air.

Fig. 78

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