Magic Trick: A Subtile Touch

After a pack has been thoroughly shuffled by the audience, the performer asks for twelve or fourteen cards. Spreading these out fanwise, faces down, he requests some one to touch any one of the cards. He then explains that he will take away with his left hand this card and the cards below it, thereby dividing the pack in two parts. He shows the bottom card of the upper packet, which is, let us suppose, the seven of hearts. He then shuffles the cards again, taking care to bring the seven of hearts to the bottom of the entire packet. He then announces that he will again spread out the cards fanwise, and asks the person who is assisting him to touch another card, assuring him that his fingers will be involuntarily led to the same place in the pack that they went at first. "Try it, sir; it's a very curious thing and has attracted the attention of the most eminent psychologists, who are at a loss to explain it." The gentleman tries it again, and, strange to say, when the bottom card of the upper packet is shown to him, it proves to be the seven of hearts.

The reader need scarcely be told that there is no psychology about it, but the whole secret depends upon bringing the desired card to the bottom of the pack. When once there and the fan is made, the fingers of both hands, which are under the fan are enabled to move the bottom card to any place in the pack that the performer wishes.

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