Magic Trick: The Reversed Cards

The performer has a card selected and then replaced in the middle of the pack, which is opened bookwise to receive it. Before closing the pack the performer pushes the card with his left thumb a little to the right so that it rests on the tips of the left hand fingers, which draw it out still further until it protrudes about a half-inch on the right side. As the thumb of the right hand is at one end of the pack and the fingers at the other, the card is hidden by the right hand. The cards are now sprung from hand to hand, and during their passage the pressure of the air on the protruding card will reverse it. The pack is then spread out fanwise, when the selected card will be found staring in the face the one who drew it. To carry the trick further the performer announces that he will repeat it, but this time with four or five cards. Several cards are drawn and replaced in the pack in different positions; all are pushed home and the cards are squared up. They are then sprung from hand to hand, and when they are spread out on the table, the selected cards will be found with their faces turned skyward.

The method employed in this form of the trick is altogether different from that followed at first. As soon as the cards are selected and before they are returned to the pack, the performer slips the top card to the bottom of the pack, reversing it on its way. He then turns the pack in his hand, so that what was the top of the pack now rests on his palm. This is not perceptible, as the top card, which is face downward, covers it. The drawn cards are now replaced in the pack, care being taken not to open it, as that would at once expose the trick. The cards are now reversed. The top card is slipped back to its original position and the pack is turned over secretly. The cards are again sprung from hand to hand and when they are spread out on the table, the selected cards are seen to be reversed.

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