Magic Trick: To Call Out the Cards While the Pack, With the Faces of the Cards Toward the Audience, is Pressed Against the Forehead

In this trick a small convex mirror, about the size of a dime, is concealed in the right hand and reflects the face of the card. When the pack is handed out to be shuffled, the pack is held with the back of the hand uppermost, so that the mirror may not be seen. A convenient way to hold the mirror is to attach it to the larger side of a shirt stud by a bit of adhesive wax. The button part of the stud is held between the second and third fingers, and is thus perfectly secure. If the pack is held at one end with the thumb on one side and the forefinger on the other, the front card of the pack will be visible in the mirror, as the pack is being placed against the forehead. As the name of the card is called out, the card itself is taken away with the left hand. The pack, of course, may be shuffled at any time during the course of the trick.

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