Magic Trick: Another Method of Discovering Every Card in a Shuffled Pack

When the audience have thoroughly shuffled the pack, the performer places it behind his back and begins to call out the name of a card. To convince his audience that he is right he skims the card toward them, so that they may see for themselves. Another card follows and another, and still another, until the audience are satisfied. Any pack may be used for the trick as there is absolutely no preparation of any kind. Before beginning the trick the performer gets a sight of the top card of the pack. As soon as he places the cards behind his back he "palms" one card in his right hand—any one—and then taking the top card holds it lightly between the first and second fingers of the right hand. Bringing that hand in front of him, half-closed, with the back toward the audience, he moves the hand toward the shoulder and then with a short, quick jerk sends the card that is between his fingers flying into the audience. This movement enables him to see the card that he has palmed, and that card is the next one to be called out. So he proceeds, as long as he pleases, palming the cards and throwing them to the audience.

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