Magic Trick: The Four Aces

The performer hands out the four aces with the request that some one will place them in different parts of the pack. He sees to it, however, that they are not pushed down all the way, but stand up at the top about three-quarters of an inch. In this position every one can see that they are not in one place, but are separated. Taking the pack in his left hand the performer apparently pushes the cards down with his right hand. What he really does is to push them through the pack by means of the dovetail pass, until they come out at the lower end. Then they are grasped between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand, pulled clear of the pack and placed on top of it. The pack is then shuffled without disturbing the position of the aces which, finally, are passed to the bottom.

The pack is now held in the performer's left hand, the faces down, with the first finger at the upper end and the thumb at the lower. The thumb of the right hand resting on the left hand side of the pack lifts about a quarter of it bookwise and with the fingers which are beneath the pack take away that quarter section and at the same moment slip away with it the bottom ace. Naturally that ace will be at the bottom of the heap when it is placed on the table. As the pack is held in a half slanting position this move can not be seen. This operation is repeated twice; the cards remaining in the left hand make the fourth heap. It is placed on the table alongside the other heaps. When they are turned over an ace will be seen at the bottom of each heap.

Another Method.—In this method the aces instead of being found at the bottom of the heaps at the conclusion of the trick will be at the top.

The performer proceeds as in the preceding method, but brings only three aces to the bottom of the pack, leaving the fourth on the top. He now requests some one to take away about a quarter of the pack and lay it on the table. Then he goes to two others with a similar request, and while passing from one to the other, he brings each time an ace from the bottom to the top of a heap, by means of theclip. The fourth heap he lays down himself, after bringing the last ace to the top in the same way.

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