Magic Trick: The Clip

The proper way of doing this is not so generally understood as the "pass" proper. The pack is held the same as for the "pass," and as soon as the selected card is replaced on the lower part of the pack the left thumb pushes the card a little toward the right, as shown in Fig. 6. At the same moment the pack is closed. The result is that the selected card protrudes about half an inch to the right. This can not be seen by the audience as the card is covered entirely by the right hand. The upper right hand corner of the card is now grasped between the base of the third and little fingers, the card is drawn entirely away from the pack and placed on the top or the bottom. By the same move the top card is brought to the bottom or the bottom one to the top.

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

The card is not palmed, but is grasped between the fingers, as described, and as shown in Fig. 7. The position of the hand is perfectly natural.

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